1. Visit the website or order it through four channels.

    1.1 http://www.mikothailand.com

    1.2 http: fb.me/mikoshopthailand (Order through the Inbox Fanpage Miko Shop Thailand).

    1.3 Line (@mikosilver) Offline access to customer admin @ interfere with it.

    1.4 Tel: (+66) 094 9821155 / E-mail: mikothailad789@gmail.com.

2. Select the product you are interested
Select by category (Categories) left.
Click to see more photos and detail.

3. Inventory
To order the product, click "Add to Cart".
To buy more, click on the "back shop".

4. Order
When the shop completely and click on the "order".
   - You can change the number of products Cgam in the "number" is.
   - You can remove unwanted items by clicking on the "Delete Item" back unwanted items.
   - Review your order and click the "Order".
   - Fill in your details for shipping.
   - Select a payment method
   - Choose a shipping Check the accuracy again.

5. Wait for a phone call or an email client or adware Line (@mikosilver) Offline Add to annoy customers @ put them to ask for confirmation directly from the store to confirm product. Before payment

6. When you receive an email or phone. Or via Line @mikosilver confirmation from the shop. You can transfer money into an account

Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited No. 590-7-00335-3 Miko. Chiang Mai branch Boonthavorn Through a bank counter or ATM within 24 hours. According to your convenience. See Payment We also offer transfer services through a Paypal account to pay for goods and Paysbuy cut through the credit card is not. For the convenience of customers directly

7. When you payment. Please payment We know that See how payments.

8. The shop will be shipped to you as soon as 1-3 days depending on item, big or small.


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