Miko limited company opens sales. the cosmetics Many products and supplements. Supporter of consumer goods, we have a diverse group together. I often have questions we want to ask the company Miko is very limited release of the film on the disaster. How to eat The product or service branch distribution. We are pleased and delighted that customers have asked us to come back to these questions. So let us develop and improve both customer service and product, both criticism and praise to improve and achieve maximum customer benefit and understanding. http: www.mikothailand.com

General Questions

Reply Cosmetics Miko focus on security and because of the sensitivity of cosmetics products through our research laboratories Miko expert thinking and excellent cosmetic formulations registered. Accurate Products. It does not guarantee safe and receive excellent feedback from customers using the product Miko.

Reply Miko Company Limited. We have products such as cosmetics and dietary supplements. The focus on health care And a primary focus on safety

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