10 habits that can cause premature aging. Facial wrinkles without the disturbing mind.

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10 habits that can cause premature aging. Facial wrinkles without the disturbing mind.

10 behavior can cause. Premature aging Body beautiful Radiant skin young and healthy you.

Undeniable that facial aging is a big issue for women. The wrinkles on the forehead, cheek as well as crow's feet. Which typically occurs in older women. But now wrinkles to appear with the girl was not very well. It could be because those girls have a habit that can cause premature aging, a gearbox Com has come together today itself. So to do better than what's there for the girls to explore themselves and avoid these behaviors, too.

How to reduce wrinkles

1. Lie face being crushed.

The girl was lying face pressed against the pillow all night. The cream or serum that apply it before going to bed, it will not work because it was wiped out by a pillowcase full enough. The lie left or right, it adds wrinkles around the cheeks and chin as well. So the best is lie. Because our faces are not being crushed and exposed to anything.

2. Like dessert aficionados.

This dessert is considered both the love and the hatred of women because it is delicious when eaten with pleasure. But when push comes just finished eating calories that need to repent removed. But certainly it was not just me. Desserts are also a lot of sugar causes loss of elasticity. Uneven skin aging because sugar undenatured collagen and elastin in the skin itself.

How to reduce wrinkles

3. lazy sunscreen

Sunlight is the enemy of the girls will make the skin is also a major cause of wrinkles on the face of the house this summer. To work in the shade or the sun is barely up, but it still hurt the skin from UV rays on it. So before leaving home to make it a little time to apply sunscreen too.

4. Drinking water is not enough to meet the body's needs.

The human body consists of water by up to 70% of water contained in the cell with up to 60%, so I try to think of it, if the cells wither. Our face is dry and wrinkled as standard. So, to protect it from wrinkles Women should drink enough water to drink 6-8 glasses per day, little by little it will not need to drink a glass or not.

How to reduce wrinkles

5. is filled with pollution.

For girls who live in big cities. Could not avoid dust, fumes from car exhaust it. The pollutants that directly harm our skin. As a result, our skin roughness. Hyperpigmentation, redness Including wrinkles, so if possible, women should avoid the area filled with smoke from car exhaust. Or cream Drinking water and sour fruits of it.

6. Alcohol often

Alcoholic beverages that everyone knows that adversely affect the body systems. Cause various diseases, but not just that. Because drinking alcohol often causes our skin dehydration. Lose flexibility And cause wrinkles easily. I know this young society like a party, it will not slow down a little so I did not face aging too.

How to reduce wrinkles

7. smokers

Another reason for the inevitable followed closely by alcohol is smoking it. Besides nicotine into the body and can cause various diseases, and smoking also causes dry, withered face deep furrow. Because effective in building collagen decreases. The lips of the girls too dark.

8. Sleep is not enough

At night, when the organs in the body and our skin regeneration and repair, if the girls go to bed late or sleeping less than 6-8 hours per night. May make the skin of her face look dull and shabby lines are obvious, but if I have the fullest. Your skin will look fresh trenches were noticeable fade it.

How to reduce wrinkles

9. like the blink of an eye or eye strain.

While we may not know that for a long time staring at a computer like the blink of an eye. To see the screen more clearly focused. Which is itself a cause wrinkles around the forehead and eyes, so the girls know that I refocused should see an ophthalmologist to measure and find glasses that suit me.

10. stress too much

Another reason that should not be overlooked. Because when we're stressed, The body produces the hormone cortisol in the destruction of collagen under the skin. Face caused wrinkles. The gesture stress frowned. It causes wrinkles around the forehead and eyes as well.

Young people are aware that 10 of the above behavior is modified so fast that it does not ask for aging premature indeed. At the time, the cream or laser to where it does not cause our skin to be smooth as it was then.

Information from: bustle.com and allwomenstalk.com

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