The fruits are high in vitamin C 10.

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The fruits are high in vitamin C 10.

Vitamin C is a nutrient that has the ability to be excellent antioxidants as well as vitamin E, which is well known in the field of anti-cancer nutrients. And is used to treat cancer. In addition, there are many benefits of vitamin C include help in building collagen. The skin looks firm Heart disease prevention, stress reduction is a key substance in the production of sperm. An important part of the creation and the health of the vascular system, joints, cartilage and skin, vitamin C also helps in enhancing the immune system of the body. Or it is known that vitamin C helps prevent colds and prevent scurvy.

From the foregoing, the benefits of vitamin C are many. So that we are completely healthy, we should get enough vitamin C through the use of on a daily basis. Each person needs vitamin C in doses that vary depending on each person's physical condition. 60 mg per day in normal needs and wants more people in vulnerable conditions or people who want to treat and prevent disease. May require higher daily 1000-2000 mg of vitamin C, from where we are now. The fruit is a good source of vitamin C, which is great. Especially Thailand, have fruit all year round. Each type of fruit for vitamin C vary to some extent depending on the species. We see the fruits are high in vitamin C 10 each.

1. acerola cherry.

A tropical fruit The small red when ripe. Acerola cherry was dubbed The King of C because acerola cherries 100 g to 1,600 mg of vitamin C, which is considered highly orchestrated compared to other fruits. Acerola cherries, one child has more vitamin C than an orange big ball up to four children if I squeezed a fresh one glass of vitamin C equivalent of fresh orange juice 14 liters, also has anti-oxidant. we will encourage more healthy. Immune cells It is far away from the disease caused by free radicals, such as cancer, heart disease and stroke. And degenerative diseases.

2. western

As mentioned, it would not be unknown. The guava fruit is easy to find in Thailand. The key is to eat all year round. A variety of species Varieties that taste delicious and popular in Thailand include guava, guava, Kim Ju round barrow. western Vietnam Guava without seeds Western Golden Key and ฝraegkignk You might say that as a source of vitamin C and is easy to find the cheapest I have 100 grams to 228 grams of vitamin C. It is also rich in fiber, phosphorus, iron and calcium.

3. Black Mukherjee Barents.

The fruit in winter Most are in New Zealand Black Mukherjee Barents is The King of Berry is the king of fruits caller's family. It is highly nutritious as possible. Helps maintain the health of the eyes and brain Black Mukherjee Barents 100 grams of vitamin C up to 215 mg in the Barents, Black Mukherjee also contains minerals necessary for health. Rich in antioxidants and much more.

4. kiwi

The fruit is native to northern China. But grown in New Zealand In Thailand, it has already grown to Chiang Mai. And other northern provinces Kiwi is a fruit with high nutritional value, said one kiwi 100 grams of vitamin C up to 92 mg also contain nutrients and antioxidants, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, which was taken as a result. Wood for anti-aging and anti-cancer agents ever. And kiwi fruits are also rich in many minerals, including iron, calcium Snead magnesium alloy profiles Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Manganese, and featured one of the kiwi is rich in fiber. The kiwi is a fruit diet is in the top one.

5. Longan

Longan is one of the living is easy. Grown in northern Thailand. Because wood is like a cold. China is a growing longan enough. Longan is a season not to eat throughout the year. To be launched during the month of July. Some of you will remember you There will come back a little fruit. Longan contains many nutrients. But it is well known. The sweetness Longan fruit sugar high. Diabetics need to be careful There was also a source of fiber trunk several important minerals. Including vitamin B. 100 grams of vitamin C and fiber trunk has about 84 milligrams of vitamin C is sufficiently high enough to cause neck Longan have some peace of mind that in addition to sugar and other nutrients as well.

6. lychee

Lychee fruit is native to China. There are currently grown in many countries Thailand has grown just enough to produce a lot of fruit exports to the country several billion baht per year ever. Lychee fruit is eaten either fresh. Or to processing multiple tasks such as connecting to a lychee syrup. Or blended into smoothies litchi lychee flesh was awesome 100 grams to 72 mg of vitamin C, B vitamins are also included. And minerals are vital to the health of many, including calcium, phosphorus and potassium magnesia. The meat then The lychee extract has antioxidant properties, is an excellent one. Which was first Chinese pharmacopoeia or by using a dry eye brew a tea beverage. Do it all

7. Papaya

I mention some Papaya salivating percent. Menu Foods is recalling a popular salad. Papaya requires just the main ingredient. But there are foods that use raw papaya. Mention papaya would think the last dish to be served on the dining table. Papaya is a fruit that we eat throughout the year. All land in Thailand and around the world papaya 100 grams of vitamin C, about 60-70 mg also contain vitamins and minerals. The key to health And a phytochemical that helps fight free radicals. The people who eat a healthy papaya. Autoimmune disease Far from cancer Papaya is a fruit and fiber to keep the body as possible, usually resolves with the constipation.

8 strawberries

Strawberry, berry fruit, a small but pretty nutritious, not small children's sizes. Strawberry berry fruit in winter. Eat a fresh fruit Make beverages such as water, strawberries, berry smoothie. Or may be modified to cook, but they still keep it fresh like that. Because strawberries, fresh berries. Rich in antioxidants, many. Help prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease, 100 g strawberries, berries contain vitamin C, about 58-62 mg also contain minerals. The health benefits include calcium alloy magnesium, iron, phosphorus and Phu Thanh Tu fluoride strawberry berry fruit is eaten as fruit markets and supermarkets in general. The price given the size and sources of strawberries berries.

9. Orange

Citrus fruits are another tricky and easy to eat throughout the year. There are several strains of orange. Taste varies according to species. Most citrus import. Tangerine popular to eat fresh. And orange juice is squeezed Breeders have tasty and popular, including honeysuckle, orange, orange, orange, Mod Shogun oranges, Valencia oranges, 100 grams of vitamin C is 53 mg orange phytochemical species. The oranges are high in fiber, people with digestive problems to eat oranges regularly, it will help.

10 Pineapple

Pineapple is a fruit that is native to South America. Today, almost every living territories worldwide. The country has to eat all over the country. And living all year round A popular fruit You can eat fresh fruit And made into food, both savory and sweet dishes. Pineapple is a good source of vitamins and minerals that are important for many, such as calcium, magnesia calcium and potassium calcium than other fruits, vitamin B and vitamin C in 100 g of vitamin C is 48 milligrams pineapple. fruit is inexpensive, but you have many health benefits. Pineapple improves immunity to the body. Helps in blood circulation Help prevent cancer because it contains high antioxidant. Helps in digestion Fiber improves the digestive system better.

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