Only your health ORIZ Help ?

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Only your health ORIZ  Help ?

Only your health ORIZ (O f) help ...

1) prevention of heart and vascular disease / t help the circulation of blood.

Oil extraction in combination with Omega 3, Omega 9, Gramma-Oryzanol, Vitamin E, Co-Q 10, the compounds in garlic oil, medium chain fatty acids. These compounds, which
- Increased levels of HDL (LCAT increased by 100%).
- Reduce the level of LDL (bad cholesterol).
- Reduce the level of triglycerides
- Helps dissolve blood clots / prevent clogging of the arteries.
The results that have helped make the circulatory system is functioning properly. blood vessels clean Heart, brain, liver, kidneys, etc., work better to reduce heart disease, heart failure, myocardial infarction, stroke, paralysis, etc.

2) prevention of hypertension. There are a lot of nutrients. Makes vascular system clean Heart Work Better To pump blood to the organs and cells are not adequately helped make the blood pressure returns to normal.

3) prevention of diabetes and alleviate complications from diabetes. In oil well Moderate fatty acids, the substance allicin, can reduce blood sugar to drop. Also found in rice bran oil, chromium helps insulin. Higher efficiency Decreased blood sugar.
The complications of diabetes, such as peripheral neuropathy tea. I have a feeling Al acid alpha lipoic. (Oil + garlic) helps to mitigate such problems very well.

4) prevent the brain / nervous Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc. The oils contain fatty acids including moderation. This change is low power and turn himself ketones. Ketones are the nutrients to brain cells. After the cells get the energy to recover and can help improve memory provides Omega 3, Vitamin E, Olive Santa million balance of the nervous system, brain, prevent stroke t / a, which causes paralysis. paralysis and allow some cells or organs to repair themselves enough. Able to return to activities such as walking or movement better.

5) prevent allergic or autoimmune. Oil extraction in combination with nutrients mentioned above. There is also a precursor of glutathione is cysteine glutathione activation of white blood McCormick Fe Cattle Co., a Super T cells, T cells regular directory. To resume more normal, more Omega 3 fatty acids and neutral line. To reduce the inflammation of cells. The cause of allergies or autoimmune diseases such as SLE, rheumatoid Grand, lost air, psoriasis, rash, as well as various symptoms will gradually subside gradually.

6) prevent diseases related to eyes. This organ is the most preferred source antioxidant nutrients that are included in the essential oils to help treat and prevent acids such as alpha lipoic al. (+ Garlic, coconut oil) help prevent cataracts Vitamin A- beta carotene help treat dry eye disease, and diseases related to eyes.

7) Cancer Prevention Oil extraction in cold There are many different nutrients (as mentioned above) are the compounds against free radicals. It also contains resistance level Super Anti-Oxidant or Universal Anti-Oxidant anti-God power. This research has many alpha lipoic that can switch off cancer. Stop free radicals cause cancer.

8) makes sex better. Known as garlic stimulates sexual arousal as well. In oil extraction, including the ability to maintain nutrients. Full of garlic It also has a new compound called Jo (AJOIN) derived from allicin hrs. This compound had better performance at Joe's several times. As a result of increasing sexual performance clearly.

9) anti-viral liver cirrhosis in combination with oil, medium chain fatty acids. As one oil directly to the liver and metabolism. Helped restore liver cells to restore function better. And medium-chain fatty acids are effective in killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and some viruses can get rid of the excess of the liver caused by the drug. And chemical residues in the liver. Fatty acids and garlic helps eliminate impurities from the liver. Makes the liver returns to normal values.

10) help with bone and joint. The total oil comprising fatty acids that are essential to the body. Bone directly improves lubrication inside the better. Inflammation of joints The movement of the various convenient.

11) reduces obesity and metabolic system works well. It is well known that consumption of soybean oil, sunflower, etc., we are able to interfere with the functioning of the thyroid gland. The body fat Related to metabolism, the body's metabolism is low. The medium chain fatty acid stimulates the thyroid to function better. And medium-chain fatty acids in the liver energy. The work is similar to the Carbs But not as fat as well as carbs. And medium-chain fatty acids also help burn excess fat. It also stimulates the hormone Leptin suppresses the appetite. It's already ordered by the brain to stop eating or eat less. As a result, the body fat ratio improved less.

12) helps the digestive system / eliminate toxins from the body. Oil well in reducing constipation. Reduces the risk of hemorrhoids and colon cancer. Medium chain fatty acids help the filtration unit of the kidney to function better. The urine is normal Al acid alpha lipoic help eliminate toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead from the body.

13) prevent enlarged prostate causes prostate cancer. There is some research that testosterone is a cause of particular importance to DHT, the substance that caused the change in hormone-Lantos, the State Road by the enzyme. 5-ALPHA-REDUCTASE (DHT) action. Cause BPH / arthritis / cancer. And causes baldness The onset age of 40 years or more and are more severe with age, so much more. Key nutrients in oils and fats in moderation will help to reduce the decline of DHT can cause various symptoms. Is being held by order

14) adjusts the hormonal balance in the body. Oil extraction in combination with Omega 3 to Omega 6 helps not to have too much of the body. The cause of the infections Including stress, hormonal dysfunction, vitamin E, Q10 reduces the variability of the menopause or menopause. All are available in the oil extraction as well to help balance the hormones in the body work more. Reduce complications gold less.

15) reduces symptoms of infectious diseases have. The effects of fatty acids in moderation, allicin has the power to kill viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and no resistance as antibiotic can currently treat eczema tongue was filmed vaginal fungal twist flu wound infection. as well

16) helps maintain radiant skin, hair, nail nutrients in oils as well as a key component of the skin. Enhance skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, reduces the function of collagen. Elastin work better glutathione helps suppress melanin in the skin. The skin, reduce wrinkles, dark circles, dark spots clearly reduced sulfur makes nails look shiny and healthy hair.

17) helps sleep. Total fatty acids in the oil line, Omega 3 reduces inflammation of the membrane covering nerve myelin caused by overproduction or have too much Omega 6 in the body. Help sleep better and also melatonin. Helps regulate sleep, stress, anxiety, no brain work better. The body gets adequate rest can reduce the anxiety of the brain as well.

Oh, how rich are ORIZ

1. How to eat: those who want to control weight, lower fat and toxins in the liver. Eat two times a day, at bedtime and awakening time two tablets.

2. How to eat for those with Alzheimer's disease, vascular brain to eat when you wake up before lunch and three tablets before bed time.

Benefits of six kinds of oil

Rice bran oil has numerous benefits contained in the seed coat and germ, rice rich in natural active ingredients with high value species such as the body protects neurons from toxic free radicals and reduces stress. enhances memory

- Sesame oil, Penny Simon Helps brain aging cure sprains reduce facial wrinkles, helps to nourish the skin.

- Coconut oil Helps reduce appetite, boost metabolism of the body, stimulates the brain and keeps bones strong.

- Garlic Helps prevent heart disease, blood clots, reducing high blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, reduce allergies, antioxidant and reduces the risk of cancer.

- Gamma oryzanol valuable substances from the germ and bran of rice varieties were selected from Japan showed that the compound gamma. Original Santa million germ and bran are the most antioxidant. Six times better than vitamin E helps prevent abnormal cells. Also known cancer (Cancer).

- Coenzyme Q-Tech (Coenzyme Q10) is an antioxidant. With a focus on creating energy to cells with properties that optimize the function of the heart muscle. Inhibit the hardening of the blood clot. Prevent blood clots in the arteries.

Rich's health ORIZ help you.

☑ help prevent diabetes and alleviate complications from diabetes.

☑ help prevent allergic or autoimmune.
☑ help prevent diseases related to eyes.
☑ makes sex better. Known as garlic stimulates sexual arousal as well.
☑ help prevent cirrhosis, viral hepatitis.
☑ help with bone and joint
☑ reduces obesity and metabolic system works well.
☑ reduces stroke hemiparesis to nourish the patient better.
☑ reduces the risk of peripheral neuropathy.

☑ help prevent diabetes and alleviate complications from diabetes.
☑ help prevent allergic or autoimmune.
☑ help prevent diseases related to eyes.
☑ makes sex better. Known as garlic stimulates sexual arousal as well.
☑ help prevent cirrhosis, viral hepatitis.
☑ help with bone and joint
☑ reduces obesity and metabolic system works well.
☑ reduces stroke hemiparesis to nourish the patient better.
☑ reduces the risk of peripheral neuropathy.

The ORIZ's rich nourish wellness .... lets "you" is far from the disease. Cold-pressed oils

100% natural with no side effects even stop to eat.


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