Skin Type And Skin Care Tips.

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Skin Type And Skin Care Tips.

Most people turned their attention to taking care of their health more. "Facials" are part of a great personality. Youth in modern times, so make every effort to recruit a beauty goodies. So skin care for your skin type and make use of skincare products. It is important to care for your skin to look healthy and acne free skin even better. First of all, see that the skin of people are few. You should see your face, and how to be most suitable for your skin. Which can be classified into five types of skin.

1. Normal (Normal Skin).
People with normal skin appearance A surface with resolution And smooth Fat moderation A bright and invigorating There are pores profile Skin is flexible and does not have oily facial skin. Even after washing your face more often, so it's no problem. A surface that everyone wishes

The selection of skincare Do this by using a cream containing Moyse riser moisturizing regularly. Cleansing Foam Or mild soap Skin clean and healthy is a top priority. Do not use cosmetic products, or inappropriate. Or excessive It will hurt the skin more And in the daytime, apply sunscreen before leaving the house at all times.

2. Dry (Dry Skin).
Those with dry skin characteristics Can be observed from the surface to be flaky and dry skin after cleansing the pores of the advantages is smooth, not rough, not greasy and will have problems with blackheads and acne skin types than others. Your skin will look shiny and clean. The disadvantage is Often premature aging Especially sensitive areas such as around the eyes.

The selection of skincare Apply a moisturizer containing oil. Especially in winter. Due to moisture in the air will be less. Should apply moisturizer Every time you wash or shower. Avoid hot water for rinsing. Avoid using soap to wash your face. Due to the loss of oil coating that acts more. Wash your face once a day with plain water is best, except for the face is very dirty, it may use the Cleansing Cream to clean first and then the process of cleansing with. gentle products And avoid conditions that cause severe skin.

3. Skin (Oily Skin).
Those with oily skin appearance The skin has pores larger than normal. The oil secretion than normal. The surface is rough, not smooth clog and become acne-prone. Especially in teens The sex hormones are very active in the activation of the sebaceous glands. Found that teenage acne than other ages. Advantages of people with oily skin. Will not find problems like wrinkles, dry skin. The occurrence of acne or pimples found. This is not actually acne But the manner in which the pores expand and insert the floss up. When inserted into a line, it was a combination of fat in areas such as stiff as a small black burr so called pimples. This usually happens around the mouth and chin, nose, etc.

The selection of skincare Use nonfat products. Oil or moisturizer too. The product should be clear The Skin Rinse with warm water The warm water helps to melt the fat that sticks to the face. In addition, people with oily skin, large pores, which caused obstruction and result in acne skin. Use lotion or liquid pores (Toner) to help reduce it on the face.

4. Sensitive Skin - Sensitive (Sensitive skin).
Look who is sensitive - sensitive to point out that there is. Often found that after using cosmetics or topical kind. But in many cases the rash may itch or burn. This type of skin should be careful when using cosmetics is. Tend to have dry skin A hereditary allergy Or is allergic to other organs before, when stimulated by chemicals will cause irritation to the skin easily. If an allergic reaction occurs All products should stop using them. Then consult a dermatologist to treat the symptoms.

The selection of skincare The product should be for sensitive - sensitive skin, often a perfume alcohol-free products or products tested that cause allergies low.

5. Lotion (Combination Skin).
Those characteristics have combination skin It combines the oily T-Zone is located on the forehead, nose and chin sebaceous glands in this area will be larger. And work better than other areas. The problem of dry skin or acne-prone skin. Is located on both cheeks. Cause problems with dry, flaky skin after cleansing both cheeks.

The selection of skincare Use Products That helps to rebalance Both of surface area to close. Or products that can be controlled It and reduce it to the T-Zone and other areas of dry skin as well. The selection of products to suit your skin. The climate is changing as well.

For women Do not say anything you would not know whether the product is right for your skin, but on the part of men who are just starting to look after themselves. Recommended skin care products Vaseline Maine. Which is recognized and there are many recipes to choose from. Also, check your skin before using their choruses. Next time I will have to say bye to the fans either

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