Face powder is a way to prevail over! Silky Smooth

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Face powder is a way to prevail over! Silky Smooth

Young Women Miko Shop Thailand Everyone has flour in my heart though. The most important thing is to choose a suitable flour to the surface. If you choose the wrong number may face the front foot White River float, but far too. But what kind of flour that is tailored to each person's skin to see it ....

If you are a girl powder dry powder. The answer is best The meat is lightly flour dust. Helped cover up a little Thereby exposing your skin to the full. Luke Young is clear. Pretty Green

Pressed Powder Pressed Powder skin, it carries a bag it. This type of flour because it's happened to you, it's easy to use, easy to carry, slap it on the day. It also helps cover up has been fantastic as well.

Brush the dough is available with both powder and a powder puff. Because lets face powder is not too heavy. Choose a soft brush to nourish the skin. Know that a stiff brush to make your pores wider too.

Sponge is very necessary You can help spread the foundation for a more smooth. Also, use a pressed powder as well. That makeup lasting all day long course.

Powder Puff for what it is indispensable Puff just dab your face, it keeps the skin smooth and sparkly.

Illustrated and edited by women mthai team.

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