The 8 habits that can cause acne. Then avoid them The face is smooth and clear skin

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The 8 habits that can cause acne. Then avoid them The face is smooth and clear skin

Try to observe their own behavior to see if there are 8 or below. If so, that you are causing acne on the face without knowing it.

The girls never touch your face and feel that it is smooth. Like a seed nodule buried beneath our skin like silk. That it is acne caused by dirt embedded in the pores of us. Although it is not painful, but it is disturbing, not least of which many people may wonder how it can clog. This could be due to a gearbox eight behavioral Com were told today. The girls say that most of these behaviors may cause a blockage without knowing it. We have to do better with what girls are inevitable and do not cause acne anymore.


1. Do not wash your face before

Of course, each of us face to face with things as germs, dust, sunlight and other cosmetics we wear down. That causes the pores to clog our girls there, so it should be washed thoroughly. In order to ensure that no residue to clog up and cause acne breakouts or not.

Skip to step 2. Scrub the surface.

You know that even older. In the skin was particularly weak. The dead cells will not fade away. The face of girls look dull because of dead cells that accumulate with other pollutants and clog the pores. If possible, women should face scrub at least once a week. The old cells to fall off. Reveals a new skin cells to replace it.

3. Failure to wash after exercising.

After the exercise, of course, that body must sweat out. The sweat this too is a source of germs and bacteria if left any longer, it could clog our skin. Thus, after the exercise is completed Let it rest for a while Then clean the bath.


4. Can I touch your face frequently.

These young people should have known better. But accidentally hands it to me face it. This hand took hold here that there are germs or bacteria, what is it. I came into contact with the face, it can cause blockages and breakouts legs so the girls try to restrain myself and remind myself that I do not touch the hands is strictly prohibited.

5. Clean the smart phone.

Communicate nowadays hardly a touch screen already. The smart phone is that it is an accumulation of bacteria and germs easily. They are also in contact with the skin of the cheeks, we direct young people who have problems with acne or clogged around the cheeks, try cleaning your smart phone soon. It may also be the cause.

6. The time to replace or wash linens.

Another cause of obstruction is dirt hidden in a blanket or pillowcase I did not. Because we touch the face of all the good girls should change the sheets, blankets and pillowcases every month to clean and does not smell musty too.

7. Clean Makeup Brushes

The girls make sure to use a brush to apply various cosmetic smooth. When I need to remember to clean the brushes those too. Because it is an accumulation of bacteria on the brush top side. If brought into contact with the face without cleaning prepared to deal with blockages and breakouts at all.

8. against daily aggressions

Life in the big city can be a problem and traffic jam. You also have to smoke Exhaust from cars The attack on the respiratory system and skin of women who are going to poison ใl deep into the skin, causing the skin to fill wrinkles and facial skin noticeably. If possible, women should avoid to be exposed to these pollutants directly here.

I know this, girls should avoid behavior that, according to Article 8 of the above. The surface of the girls will be smooth. There is no pill blister, small clots that may cause other skin problems as acne and smooth clogged very heart anymore.

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