How fast the first Sunday skin pretty quick it really works!

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How fast the first Sunday skin pretty quick it really works!

How white and Sunday will be the first way to be effective and safe. Transmission Com Com offers tips to tell you.

Strong sunlight, hot weather this outing momentarily say that scorching !! But if the heat is not as much. But Hector skin was blackened with this, it makes it extremely turned out that the skin is white immemorial. Put it this way. So if you really can not fix it, but do not let the black pigmentation is too long. Hurry up and find a way to make white as well Naenแne ... I can not wait to hear this. I would like to accelerate the skin, then soon anyway. So let's follow tip jar Com come together better. How this helps, of course,

Use whitening formula. The use of whitening formula on a short-acting formulations, and should use serum. It can seep into your skin by applying it to both morning and evening. Make your skin more quickly.

Apply sunscreen before leaving the house. Before leaving home, apply sunscreen with SPF 50+, from high up to protect the skin from sun damage. Including wearing long sleeves Long pants to protect your skin on top.

How quickly the skin within one week.

Mask yogurt. To bring natural yoghurt. The mask and leave it to dry, then rinse. Do this on a daily basis. Allows skin pigmentation from sun fared better. Also important to nourish the skin smooth and radiant with.

Scrub with tamarind in one Sunday to make at least two times to eliminate dead skin to peel off. The meat tamarind mixed with milk together until homogeneity. Then, contrary to all the Town, just gently and leave for about 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Vitamin C. At least vitamin C intake to 2000 mg per day. It allows the skin to clear up and protects the skin can tolerate sun better.

Focus on eating a healthy diet Especially fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals. Helps skin look brighter white naturally from within. It also protects the skin from the sun as well.

Drink water frequently in a day to try to drink 7-8 glasses of water to help the skin to moisturize and brighten up.

This is how skin whitening to brighten up the first Sunday I guarantee that women follow a jar Com recommended to strictly just seven days to ensure that the course confirmed!

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